Using Photoshop's Patch Tool to Remove Objects from Photos

Given that he's the man with whom I've chosen to spend my life, when a camera comes out it seems difficult to catch us in the same place at the same time. It's been almost a year since there was a decent photograph taken of the two of us.

So, when we were all cleaned up for our grandson's birthday party this past weekend I saw a  moment and seized it, tossing a camera to my daughter and plopping me down on my honey's lap.

The result wasn't too bad for an impromptu moment; as our daughter said we both actually looked like we were enjoying ourselves. However, as is often the case when there's no time to consider things like composition and location,  the picture would have been much nicer without the playground in the background.

Removing this much unwanted stuff in a way that would leave me with a picture which didn't look doctored, I assumed was well beyond my Photoshop skills.  That is, until  a friend told me about the Patch tool.  With her assurance that it would help me achieve the result I wanted painlessly I set out to find some information to help me get started. Here are the few of the results for any others who might be interested in getting rid of the unwanted:

Using Aware Patch Move

Removing Objects With Content-Aware Fill and Patch in Photoshop CC

Remove Blemishes, Objects, Spots

Patch Tool

Quick and Easy Patch Tool Tutorial

Using Patch Tool

Remove Distractions Instantly with Patch Tool


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