288 Awesome Auto Animations

As I've mentioned in these posts before, summertime for me is all about cars. Classic ones, of course, particularly Mopars.  I love the way they look, love the memories they stir, love riding in them. 

And the other thing about cars is that they are all about action and movement.  Who doesn't love that.

Besides the obvious utilitarian purpose of transportation to and from one place or another, when we think of cars we also think of power and speed.  Mention the chase scene from the movie Bullitt and car fans' eyes glaze with excitement as they think of Detective Frank Bullitt's '68 Charger speeding wildly through urban streets and the dusty countryside in hot pursuit of the bad guys.

So when cars are your thing, when you're in need of something to highlight a special event or personal project, when you want a graphic to catch the eye, it seems more fitting when possible to use an animation rather than a static image.  Like a cruise in a beautiful classic automobile they are fetching to look at and fun to watch in action.

Check out these terrific examples from AnimationFactory,  a collection sure to enliven your website designs and emails.


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