3 Father's Day Photoshop Tutorials

This past weekend my husband and I had time to socialize with our grown children at a family wedding. They all live close enough that I'm not miserable, but far enough away that these times are not as frequent as I'd like and greatly appreciated as a result.

For me it's not necessary that I'm involved in all the interactions; I am content to sit and watch my kids enjoying each other's company. I particularly love seeing them have fun with their dad. My husband is a funny guy, and all four of our kids seem to share his quick, dry wit.  He makes them laugh, a lot, and they love to  return the favour.

Watching them it's interesting to note too, how the relationship with 'Dad' differs from the one with 'Mom.  While they share all manner of subjects with me, conversation with their father tends to focus on a need for his advice or a common interest they share with him, usually music.  They tease me, they joke with him.  They tell me what they think and ask if I agree. They ask him for his opinion, then explain what they'd been thinking.

Growing up it was always me they came to first. But, when strength was needed it was to him that we all turned. That really hasn't changed.

This Sunday, we will see them again when they come home to celebrate Father's Day with the man whose glare could stop irresponsible action in its tracks,  whose approval could make our kids all feel a bit taller.

For this Tutorial Tuesday then, I have tracked down some projects to help you create something personal to honour your family hero this Father's Day.

Create a Photo Collage for Father's Day

Create a Personalized Father's Day Card

Create a Father's Day Card


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