3 Sources for Canada Day Clipart

The day after tomorrow I will be enjoying a day off.  Yet while it's nice to sleep in, to not be committed to being somewhere, to be able to sit down in the afternoon with a tea and book, there's greater significance to this day than me time.

On Wednesday, July 1,  we citizens of the Great White North will be celebrating Canada Day.  The occasion commemorates 148 years of Confederation for this pretty terrific country.

And while it might get lost in the hype of the upcoming July 4th holiday south of our border, there's no doubt in my mind that Canadians feel as much pride for their nation as our good neighbours do for theirs.

Other than we will be celebrating the red and white, rather than the red, white and blue, Canada's birthday is marked  in much the same way as the American Independence Day — with barbecues and fireworks.  Families and friends  will take the opportunity of a day off work to socialize and party.  Our maple leaf will be flying  proud and high on front yards and buildings.

So Happy Birthday, Canada. Proud to be celebrating with you.

Here then are some terrific clipart collections perfect for the day:





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