6 Sources for Beach Clipart

Spring is winding down and thoughts of summer, of lazy days on beaches are running through the minds of many these days. 

For those of us stuck living in  the Snowbelt,  beach time is probably something that's been part of our daydreams since the long cold January.  Generally, though, it's as the days begin to warm and  we move towards the equinox that we really begin to plan for a bit of time in the sun, on the sand, by the water.

Even if you aren't yet counting the days until you can enjoy a summer idyll in lake country,  it is time for summer promotions and special events that folks need to know about. And whether you are advertising a  sale, promoting a destination or publicising a  festival, an illustration of  summer and the beach will often be the perfect graphic for the project.

There are of course any number of fantastic online sources for clipart, with literally millions of images to ensure you can find the perfect one to fit your design. To give you an idea of what's out there, here's a few beach-themed illustrations from some of my favourite sites:


ClickArt Online


Acclaim Images




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