Celebrating Siblings With These Great Images

One of the things I attempt to do in these daily posts is search out clipart and photo collections for various themes.  I blather on apparently nonsensically until bringing it around to the dénouement and my reason for chatting in the first place.

So, here I begin to tell you about my upcoming plans for the weekend. My husband and I will be heading to the big city to spend time with my sister, brother and their spouses.

It's an annual ritual we began several years ago to try to bring together what time and distance separate.  Both of my siblings live two hours from me and, as I do, have kids and grandkids to keep them busy.  It has a limiting effect on visiting times.

We connect, of course, at family gatherings such as Christmas and birthdays, but one-on-ones are few and far between. And these, now,  are sadly often confabs to discuss issues surrounding our elderly mother.

Yet, while I've learned to live without them as an ever-present presence in my life,  they remain important. Siblings, after all, are our first friends. My relationship with them is a little different than most as they are 10 and eight years older than I, but the past that connects us is strong. Big sis has been my champion, protector, friend and confidante. Growing up my brother was my hero and for many years as adults we were neighbours at our summer haunt. They were golden times of bonding in relaxing moments around campfires and at the beach.

Unquestionably, their love and friendship is invaluable to me.

American author Susan Scarf Merrell describes the relationship of brothers and sisters in a way I find beautifully poetic:   " Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk."

In celebration then of this special bond, this mix of family and friend, here are some terrific sibling clipart and photo collections:




Acclaim Images


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