Create a Beach Scene in Photoshop

It's the time of year to start thinking about vacations and glorious sunny days on the beach. People at work are busy booking camping trips and cottage getaways, slotting in time to plan and organize their summer idylls.

Whether you're in the woods or by the lake, camping with kids or relaxing with your special partner,  that little break is a necessary respite from the regular work world. It gives you an opportunity to recharge.

No matter where you choose to freshen mind, body and soul, the setting is sure to promote a sense of tranquillity and peace.  However, golden sands by clear waters, something we really don't get much of a chance to see in the winter in this climate is the favourite hot spot for vacationers here.

Really, nothing says summer holiday quite as much as a hot beach scene.  Just an image of a beach can conjure a sense of ease and calm. You can almost feel the heat of the sun, hear the pound of the surf and feel the satiny grit of the sand between your toes.

If it's finding that scene for your businesses or personal projects, rather than for a spot to laze away some summer days, you can create your own in Photoshop.  Here are some fantastic tutorials:

Create a Beach in Photoshop Using Brush Tool

Draw a Beach Scene in Photoshop

Ocean Waves Scene


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