Give Your Photos a Vintage Look

As it has been in the past and always will be — everything old is new again.  While living in the present is the best, there's no denying our unmistakable attraction to the past.  Songs we sang, clothes we wore, cars we drove, places we frequented continue to hold a special place for us.

There is a growing trend for collecting old things too —  from first-edition books to  cars and snowmobiles. Also, vintage clothing stores attract people of all types looking to find a way to don a piece of the past and make it trendy.

Even in popular culture we have found ways to pay homage to nostalgia. Popular posts on Facebook show a photo of something from the past, such as the old drive-in theatre speakers,  and  'friends' are asked to 'like' if they remember it.  Throwback Thursdays we are tempted to share a bit of our own previous life posting pictures on social media each week.

Keeping in mind then the love of all things vintage,  here are some tutorials to help you give your photos of today a look of the past:

Vintage Aging Photo Effect

Apply Authentic-Looking Vintage Effects to Photos

Give Your Photos a Cool Retro Analog Effect

Give Your Photos a Vintage Look

Create a Vintage Look Using Lightroom

Give Yout iPhone Photos and Aged Effect

If you don't have image editing software, there are also many online tools for achieving this effect.  As an example I chose pixlr-o-matic to help me age this picture of  young girl dressed as  a guitar-loving hippy (image #517368 from  There are dozens of options to play with. First I cropped it then chose Kevin with a Morning effect and a Dirt border for a quick change.

Here are the before and after:


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