How to Take Great Pictures at Night

Summer is here and as the old tune intones the time is right for dancing in the street. As well as a multitude of other fun nighttime activities.

I can remember a street dance in my hometown decades ago. It was obviously one of the highlights of that early teenage life as I recall a lot of it in vivid detail, right down to what I was wearing.  To give you a hint as to what era we're talking about here, it was pink hot pants and white go-go-boots.

There was something about taking music and dancing out in the open that seemed to notch up the entertainment factor.   The looks on faces against the backdrop of a night sky are snippets of memory caught forever in my mind.

Several years later, when newly dating my future husband, we attended a 'fun and frolic' at the rural schoolhouse he had attended as a youth. The same aura of frivolity,  the same carefree ambiance existed in a very different place from the crowded urban street where I had danced before.

Over the decades since,  my guy and I have attended many outdoor venues where people gather for the love of music or  a celebration of summer.  Always a people watcher, and now a bit of an amateur shutterbug, I am always inspired by the faces around me. 

I am, however, a little short on photography experience when it comes to capturing great pictures in the dark. With many night events planned for over the next few weeks, I have plenty of opportunities to practise, though. And with help from these informative websites there's no excuse for not having a bit more knowledge beforehand:

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