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Weekends are always nice, but there are those ones, particularly in the summertime,  when all the stars seem to align.

This past one was like that for me. My husband and I imposed no deadlines on ourselves and the activities were relaxing.  Other than a nasty sunburn — brought on by my stupid notion that I could spend a day outside without sunscreen at a car show — everything was perfect.

Not even the beach says summer to me as much as muscle cars and 60s tunes.  It takes me back to a pretty amazing time in my life where riding around in cars with boys was more about the cars then it was about the boys.

Though both my boyfriend of the day and my brother had  Chev Malibus,  it was the Mopars, chosen by quite a few of the young guys in our circle, that caught my eye. The Road Runner, the Super Bee, the Swinger, the Charger — these were the vehicles to turn this girl's head. (So much so I guess that I married a Mopar man.)

And when I wasn't spending my time looking at cars I was losing myself in the awesome music of  that era.

Wandering around an 18-hole golfcourse (transformed for the day into a park for these classic beauties to be put on display) then, with sun blazing overhead and music filling the air around  is absolutely my idea of heaven.

Car shows and cruise-ins are everywhere this time of year.  If you are in need of images to decorate your promotional materials for these events there are many resources online. These are just a few collections of classic car photos and illustrations: Classic Car Photos

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