Tips for Outdoor Wedding Photography

It was a wedding weekend this past one — a niece on my husband's side said "I do" to a terrific young man. That it turned out to be a beautiful day for this special couple was a big surprise to all.

Throughout the week, the weather forecast had shown nothing but rain for Saturday and Sunday, with glorious sun leading up to it.  Instead every day prior to the big event was dreary, overcast or rainy, while Saturday was perfect.  The sun was bright, the sky clear, the temperatures warm but comfortable.

The couple had chosen the property of a friend, a tiny piece of heaven at the back of  vast farm acreage, by a pond and patch of evergreens and hardwoods.  It wasn't just a perfect setting for a wedding, but also a great place for photos.

Thinking to take advantage of the natural aesthetics for a few shots of my kids and their significant others, I was halted by my photographer daughter who suggested we wait for a a little less resplendent sunlight.  I knew that by not seizing the moment  we were going to be sidetracked  and likely rushing to take them as an afterthought.  I bowed to her expertise, however,  rather than my wisdom and sure enough, we ended up shooting them just before the sun sunk below the horizon.

Professional photographers at a wedding don't generally have the option of waiting for the perfect light. How to deal with it was to my mind a good question, therefore. The advice found by clicking these links should help answer it:

Wedding Photographer's Guide to Outdoor Lighting

Tips for Photographing Outdoor Ceremonies

Lighting Wedding Group Shots Outdoors

Outdoor Wedding Photography


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