2,429 Beautiful Sailing Photos

I've mentioned before about our family's magical summers of years ago when we had a vacation spot at the beach.  They were halcyon  days with afternoons spent watching the kids play in the sand and surf while I enjoyed a relaxing post from my deck chair.

Though I sat with book in hand I was, of course, ever watchful that the children didn't stray too far from shore. Quick glimpses and head counts were done with intense regularity before returning to my summer read.  As there was a group of parents working together on this,  there was never a concern if a particular paragraph held your attention a bit longer than ususal.

There was always one sight that could pull me away from my book for extended daydreams though. If, during one of my swift glances, I spied a sailboat wafting through the water, I was mesmerized for a spell.  I could feel the sense of freedom as  I gazed at the image of billowing sails caught between the green blue of the lake and the azure blue of the sky.

Later each evening, we would find our way back down to the beach after supper for a final bit of fun and an ice-cream cone as we watched the glorious sunset. Always on calm nights there would be a sailboat or two cruising along, a perfect silhouette against the glowing night horizon.

Picture perfect. Just as they are in these collections of photographs:



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