4 Great Collections of Swimming Illustrations

There's an interesting fluke that occurred in our family.  My husband and I have two sons and two daughters.  When it comes to taking a dip in lake or pool, the men have little or not interest, while the women would never miss the opportunity to dive in.  

Our girls were both lifeguards during their teens and one, I think, might have been a mermaid in a previous mystical life.  She will swim anywhere, any time.  Sixty-three degrees in early spring waters won't deter her.  The chance of encountering a water snake in a murky northern river is no more a deal breaker than the chlorine in a pool.

Her strokes are a thing of beauty and she can keep pace with the best of them. Including her husband who fortunately shares her love of the water.

Needless to say, their two babies have been thrown in to the deep end early. Photos of their recent trip to the picture perfect French River showed a smiling family up to their ears in water. 

'Tis the season for swimming, whether it's happening during a vacation at the beach,  with lessons at the local pool,  or in competition with a team.  Here then, to go hand in hand with that theme are some great collections of swimming illustrations for use in promotional or personal projects:



Acclaim Images

ClickArt Online


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