43 Awesome Friendship Animations

I was a very fortunate girl last night. A friend and her husband treated my guy and I to a fabulous night out as a belated birthday gift. 

As it is any time people are with friends, this occasion involved lots of chatter and chuckles. Other highlights were a delicious meal served by the lake, followed by a walk along the beach to wear off the unnecessary-but-oh-so-fabulous crème brûlée.

The night was gentle, the temperatures balmy. A barefoot stroll through the shallows was an inevitable end to a perfect evening for this long ago beach bunny.

There's nothing still about hanging out with friends. Even a quiet evening spent at home is never static.  While you might not be up and moving, conversation, along with good wine, tends to flow. 

With friends there is always laughter, which can shake a body up.  With friends we indulge in retail therapy, play games and participate in sports.  With friends we eat, drink and be merry.

So if we think about illustrations that perfectly tell the story of friendship, perhaps animations would say it best. Here's a great collection from AnimationFactory


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