Awesome Sailing Animations

If you've ever been cruising a calm lake  in a sailboat on a lazy summer day, you know how soothing the gentle rocking rhythm is.

Of all the perfect days in this blessed life of mine is one spent out on the waters of our favourite beach resort with friends who owned a sailboat.  It was as idyllic a time as one could hope for, with perfect conditions for sailing and excellent companionship.  Conversation and laughter was plentiful, but there were also those moments when silence and enjoyment of our surroundings prevailed.

A gentle breeze tempered the effect of blazing sun on tender skin while the soothing rock and roll of the boat lulled me into a state of total tranquillity.  The quiet was complete, with the exception of the soft lapping of water against fibreglass hull. It was a dream state with eyes wide open.

Today, settled in the office before my computer,  pulling out this particular memory has culminated in a sense of well being. Serenity surrounds me and I feel that no matter what the work day throws at me today things will stay on an even keel.

To keep the feeling with me, I've sought out some delightful sailing animations which can be found here:



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