Create a Beach Volleyball in Illustrator

Summer brings out the fun in everyone. Whether it's a campout with friends, a family gathering at the cottage, hanging out with a group at the beach or participating in community events, there's never a dull moment for most people during the hot season.

Of the aforementioned outings, the latter can provide the most variety. Hometown happenings geared to celebrating a festival or just to provide an excuse to party,  are typically comprised of a number of different fun activities, from street dances to games.  One that has become fairly popular is beach volleyball.

If sand isn't part of the natural landscape in the area, it's trucked in for the purpose of creating a court. A net is placed and beyond that all that's required is teams. Of these there is typically no shortage.

The challenge of taking an indoor sport and playing it on an unstable surface might not be everyone's cup of tea. But for healthy, energetic folks it can be the perfect excuse to get a group of friends together for some fun and action.

When it comes to beach volleyball at this point in my life, however, I'm more interested in a passive approach. Such as taking a shot at this tutorial showing how to create a beach volleyball using Adobe Illustrator:

Creating a Vectorized Beach Volleyball


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