Get in the Swim With These Great Photos

Way back in my young mother days, when my house was filled with a bunch of kids,  I loved summer. I was ecstatic to have my children around to share my days.  I never felt they were underfoot. I liked the sound of slamming doors and running feet, of hoots and hollers.

There was one thing though that would have made that time better — a backyard pool. My husband's argument against one was that we had one down the street. However,  while the two youngsters we had at that point would have been content, I was never much for public swimming.

Instead, we bought a vacation spot and enjoyed many summer afternoons at the beach.  Halcyon times, indeed. The older two spent countless hours in the water; the younger two drew me out with the fishes to cool off after building their version of majestic castles in the sand. 

When you live in a climate where winter attaches itself to much of fall and prevails well into spring,  you embrace summer with enthusiasm.  Yet, the heat at times can be pretty intense. When sun bakes and humidity cooks, it's good to know there's always a pool or beach nearby. There's no way to resist the lure of shimmering water in blistering heat.

So go ahead and take the plunge. While you're at it, I'll beg indulgence and offer yet one more adage, to suggest you can get in the swim of things too with these great photo collections:

Acclaim Images

Incredible Photos of Olympic Swimmers


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