How to Take Great Photos of Friends

Times spent with friends are among the most special ones in life. Especially when geography keeps you from seeing those friends as frequently as you like.  When it happens you want the visit to last and the best way to achieve this, of course,  is by taking photos.

I learned a long time ago that pictures of the people who mean a lot to us are invaluable.  When a young family friend passed away her copious collection of selfies brought comfort then and still — a decade later. I made a vow to myself at the celebration of her life that I would never let a special gathering go by without taking plenty of pictures.

Thus, when an old friend came to stay this past weekend,  the camera had to come out.  Uncharacteristically, however, I'd been so caught up in the social aspect that it  slipped my mind until she was getting ready to leave. As a result, we were left with grabbing a quick pic of the two of us standing together.  When I thought of all the opportunities there had been for much more entertaining shots I was a bit chagrined.

What makes a good picture with friends? How do you avoid the uninspired photo I ended up with?  Sure, it was a nice picture, taken in front of the 'clubhouse' where her kids and mine had autographed the walls when little,  but it really didn't give the impression of the fun we had.

Next time will be different.  I will remember to bring the camera out from the beginning and, having found these helpful tips,  should be able to get pictures that tell the story of the visit:

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