Thousands of July 4th Illustrations

In just a couple of days the fireworks will be blazing overhead south of the border as our friends in the United States celebrate Independence Day, July 4th.

It's a day that will be filled with patriotic pride. The Stars and Stripes will fly on properties across the nation.  Families and friends will come together for picnics, barbecues and ball games, before the aforementioned fireworks begin at dusk.

Like our Canada Day, Independence Day is an occasion to celebrate the joy and blessing of living in one of the best country's in the world.  We, and our neighbours to the south, should be grateful every day for being born in this wonderful corner of the world.

Certainly no place is perfect. But, for its part, America has plenty to brag about. Undeniably a thing of beauty —  from sea to shining sea —  it boasts diversity in its natural assets and resources.  Its citizens have freedom of choice and voice. They enjoy advantages and privileges not granted to those of other nations.

So Happy July 4th America.  Celebrate well and proudly for the country that has provided you with one of the world's best homes.

And in recognition of this event,  here are some excellent clipart collections:

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