Tips for Taking Sailing Photos

Friends of ours are living the dream. Well, their dream anyway. After all, one person's cider vinegar is another's fine wine.

Having enjoyed many summers on the water in their beloved sailboat, with retirement came a decision to make even more of their hobby. Bidding farwell to the responsibilities of home ownership, they moved into an apartment where they spend the cool months. Warm seasons, however, will find them on the boat, sailing smooth waters or mooring at various ports.

It's not a lifestyle I'd want to embrace with the same enthusiasm I don't think. While not exactly a land lubber I do prefer lengthy spells on terra firma. An outing on the water for a few hours is usually enough for me. 

That said those times are magically curative. The wind in the air, the openness, the only sound the sluice of water as the boat cuts through the waves — it's an incredibly freeing experience, even for a brief sojourn in a life's journey.

While I've taken many photos from the deck of a boat and of a boat off in the distance, silhouetted against a gorgeous beach sunset, I've never tried to really capture the experience. As always, a search on the internet has turned up some useful tips to help me should I dare to give it a go. Here's a sampling for others who'd like to try with me:

Sailing Photography Tips

Take Sailing Photos Like a Pro

A Guide to Sailing Photography

Camera Settings for Sailing Photography

Tips, Tricks and Tools for the Best Sailing Photos

Improve Your Sailing Photography


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