Tips for Taking Swimming Pictures

In my previous life as editor of a community newspaper I got around. A lot. 

Contrary to working on a daily, where journalists are separate from photographers and vice versa, where the guy working on the business section is never asked to review a theatre production, our editorial staff went to it all. From farm and council meetings, to tragedies and happy endings I covered a plethora of activities.

Some of the trickiest were sporting events, where the action is fast and the play not always as anticipated. Hockey, baseball and soccer could garner  terrific shots. Yet, there were other sports, which, though no less thrilling, didn't exactly look it in still life.

When a swim team formed in our community, we found ourselves with one more summer game on which to focus our photographic skills. It didn't take long to discover that success could be elusive and many an average photo of a swimmer slicing through the water found its way onto the sports pages.

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