100+ Music-Themed Photoshop Tutorials

My husband and I love music. Our CD storage is filled to overflowing, and our television viewing is often geared towards documentaries on such subjects as Muscle Shoals renowned recording history or Ken Burns Jazz.

We are too big fans of live music and will travel miles to concert venues to hear favourite entertainers, or hang out in pubs to listen to often equally talented, but struggling, musicians.

Throughout the summer there is never a shortage of festivals to attend, from jazz to blues, or even in the case of a recent gig for our musician son, Bollywood.

Another hobby of ours each summer actually ties in quite nicely with our love of music. Cruising to car shows in our beloved classic car means windows down and oldies blaring from the speakers. 

The mood continues upon arrival as these events are a historical showcase of automobiles typically with an accompanying soundtrack. There is nothing to my mind that says summer better than walking around amidst 1960's muscle cars under a sunny blue sky, with the Beach Boys blaring in the background.  Love the cars, but it wouldn't be the same without the tunes.

Music plays in many factors of life. So, in creating promotional materials for events it's an excellent theme or starting point for your design. Here are some fun tutorials to try for creating your own graphics of even a complete poster:

60+ Music-Themed Photoshop Tutorials

Create an Electrifying Music Poster

50 Photoshop Music-Related Tutorials

Create a Music Design in Photoshop

Music Poster Design in Photshop


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