5 Clipart Collections for a Rainy Day

Just back at the computer after a lovely extended weekend. It included attendance at a favourite outdoor event and much time on Friday night and Saturday morning spent hoping that the predicted thunderstorms would stay away.

That they did. Saturday and Sunday turned out to be an incredible two days of sunshine and soaring temperatures.  Feeling  heat soothe body,  sun brighten soul and atmosphere entertain mind, I couldn't help thinking that at some point I must have done something good. We couldn't have asked for more.

Today,  however,  I woke to dark clouds, a clap or two of thunder and rain.  Forecasters are promising it's going to stay around for a few days, which given the muggy weather we've been experiencing is certainly expected. 

When it comes to the weather we're never too sure what we're getting. Why should we know, when the meteorologists have problems getting it right? We live in a climate that takes us from blizzards to tropical temperatures, from tornadoes to calm days of blue skies and gentle cooling breezes.  Mother Nature gives us her best, and her worst,  day by day, hour by hour.

Here is the rainy day in clipart form she has sent our way for now:



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