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When it comes to throwing a party, our elder daughter and her husband don't believe in going small.

The tradition began when their little girl turned one  and the idea of a pig roast took shape. With almost 25 acres of property to roam,  the notion of inviting 50 or so people to mark this momentous occasion seemed to make sense.

It was a great deal of fun, of course. And a lot of work. The decision was made that only the first year would be celebrated in this manner so while it was repeated for our granddaughter's baby brother in May, it was intended that would be the end of this type of extravaganza. 

A quiet chat between Mom and Dad one night early this summer turned that around, however.

Our Little Missy can be a sensitive soul, and the idea of taking her to a Canada Day fireworks display in July, brought up the idea that it might be wiser to try a few at home first.  After a short discussion,  this notion had burgeoned into a full-on display to be held at as part of her third birthday party.

So, this past weekend, as I watched guests arriving, tents and campers being set up around the yard,  it truly just warmed my heart. I'm a real fan of birthday celebrations, of  marking in a big way the anniversary of one's arrival on earth. 

With the afterglow of our recent two-day party still prevalent, it seemed appropriate to highlight birthday clipart for today's blog:



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