5 Music-Themed Clipart Collections

It's rare to be treated these days to great music without the high price of a ticket.  But Saturday and Sunday that's exactly what I got.

Each year the city of Kitchener,  Ontario, where blues legend Mel Brown made his final home, hosts a 'free' blues festival.  Sure, nothing else is, and one can easily drop a wad of money on food, drink and accommodations, but it's still a pretty sweet deal.

My guy and I have attended for almost all of the 15 years the festival has been going. While some of those weekends have been hit and miss for entertainment and weather, this past one was pretty decent. Saturday's rain held off, Sunday was glorious, and the variety of talent throughout ensured there was no reason to be disappointed.

While I love listening to the musicians it's always a great opportunity to people watch as well. And one of the most satisfying aspects of that little hobby of mine is seeing how the music they're hearing makes them feel.

The late Bob Marley once said, "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."  More than true.  The reactions elicited by what is happening on stage can only be described as joyful. Whether it's the gentle smile and slow rocking of the head, or the uninhibited, full-out, hair-flinging boogie, it's clear that for that moment in time all the worries of the world are forgotten.

So thank you to the many people who share their talent for our benefit. These clipart collections pay tribute to the power of music in all its forms:



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