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A few weeks ago a friend of mine agreed to come out with me to hear my son's cover band.  Her easy acquiescence made me quite happy as my peers are no longer in budding youth and nights out at bars aren't the norm for most.

Admittedly, while my talented kid performs a variety of music at different venues,  this particular band is not for the musically frail.  They handily attack peppy pop,  alternative, hair metal and rock — all at full volume.  So, though there are older fans among the regulars,  generally my husband and I have come to accept it's not a scene for most of our friends.

This gal, however, dove right in. I shouldn't have been surprised, I suppose. She's one of those incredible people who pretty much goes in with the attitude she's going to like whatever she's about to do.  And I have to say that seeing her jump for her phone to video the boys playing Pantera,  while hooting excitedly that she had to show her daughter what she was doing, was a blast.

The next day she went with me to see my 94-year-old mom, whose first question to my friend when told what we'd done the night before, was "Wasn't it awfully loud." 

The answer echoed my thoughts when people have raised a quizzical eyebrow over our attendance at these shows time and time again. "Yes, it was loud," she began. "But watching someone doing something they so obviously love, and doing it so very well is pure joy."

So in keeping with playing music and having fun doing it,  the prefect clipart collection for today would have to come from AnimationFactory


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