10 Image Editors and Online Tools

There are, I imagine, very few people these days who don't know how easy it can be to make some minor changes to an image. Image editing software has given us the ability to improve the contrast, to alter a colour, to remove blemishes and eliminate unwanted subjects.

However, no matter how easy the process, for the majority of amateurs the need for these types of programs don't justify the economics. 

There is of course no need to give up. As it is with anything a simple search on Google will turn up any number of inexpensive, even free, software. Two of the most popular for working with web-ready graphics (JPG, PNG and GIF) are GIMP and getPaint.net.  There are also online tools for simple fixes.

As we are all only too well aware,  life is about choice. What works for one person may not be the ideal for the other. Individual needs and capabilities are as variable and complex as the world-wide web itself. So with time on my hands and curiosity on my mind, I decided to scope out some options.

In addition to the two I mentioned above here are a few others I found:

UltimatePaint  is a Windows graphics program for image creating, viewing and manipulation.

If you want to edit pictures and apply photo effects, text or even paint then you might want to try iPiccy the Online Photo Editor

If an app is what you want you can do just about anything to your photos with befunky

PhotoPlus Starter Edition is a easy and free photo editor.

FatPaint, an advanced online graphic design software and editor has plenty of tools and resources.

PicMonkey is a popular photo editor with exclusive filters, touch-up tools.

slimber.com is an online drawing application.

The ImageBot Editor features photo editing, drawing, sticker and logo capabilities.


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