16 Face and Body Enhancing Photoshop Tutorials

Before we start the conversation here, it's imperative I stress first that we are all beautiful. This is always a very important thing to remember. 

There's no end to the adages reminding us in one way or another that when it comes to beauty there's more than the aesthetic in play. Trite they may have become  but it makes them no less true.

Words of wisdom too remind us that what appeals to some doesn't necessarily appeal to another. There will always be someone who finds the most gorgeous supermodel less than desirable. To coin the cliché, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Yet, while the message is to accept and love yourself, while we might not exactly strive towards an unattainable perfection, we certainly do want to put our best foot forward.  We workout not just for health and fitness, but also to trim and tone. We apply makeup to cover and highlight.  We primp and we preen. 

Then there are pictures. Where once upon a time only the famous got to have tiny flaws airbrushed away,  today's image editing software allows us to step up our game face a bit.

For Tutorial Tuesday then I decided to scope out some Photoshop plastic surgery for those pictures where we know we're beautiful, but the camera lied.

Whiten Teeth

Remove Blemishes

Change Eye Colour

Beauty Retouching

Digital Nip Tuck

Thicken Eyelashes

Trimming Weight

Apply Eye Makeup

Remove Dark Circles

Brighten the Eyes

Add Shine to Hair

Add Highlights to Hair

Enhance/Enlarge Bust

Take Weight Off

Pretty Fingernails

Wrinkle Remover


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