2 Collections of Teacher Photos

While youngsters here are fitting in as much summer fun as possible before school starts next week, there is one group that has already found their way back to the classroom.

Our eldest child is a teacher, and he and his colleagues are busily preparing lesson plans and getting their spaces set up for another school year.

As a mother of a man who has thrown his heart and soul into teaching for 15 years, I tend to get a bit defensive when I hear people ragging on the profession. There are bad apples in every bushel no matter what the job. Teachers are no exception.

However, what I can say from the experience of knowing many, and one extremely well, is that all those holidays they get aren't what you think. Just because the kids are out doesn't mean the work stops. 

This summer our son worked into July, took a course or two along the way and as mentioned has been back at it for several days now.  Once he does return his day begins at 7:30 a.m. and and rarely ends before 4:30 that afternoon.  The half hour for lunch is often spent supervising students in the cafeteria or outside.

For me, from now until next year, planning a family activity is probably going to mean our son will show up with papers to grade, even at Christmas.

So with back-to-school coming ever closer for students, these photo collections salute the ones who are already preparing to guide and educate them for another year:




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