3 Clipart Collections for Autumn

You can feel its impending presence, softly and subtly filling  the air around you. Your mood shifts, your spirit quietens.

If autumn could be compared to a time of day, it would be twilight.  Spring is our morning, rising slowly before its burst of life. Summer is  the busyness of an afternoon. Autumn's  the end of the day and winter takes us to bed.

Fall's changing foliage can be likened to the kaleidoscopic colours of a sunset and its pace is akin to the sleepy hours before bedtime. While summer is the afternoon party in the sun, autumn is quiet evening drinks on the deck with a friend.  And just as we seize every opportunity to enjoy the time before sleep, we greedily hang on to the  final weeks before winter falls.

Like it or not, autumn's arrival is imminent. Though we might be sad to say goodbye to summer's brightness, like those calm twilight hours we can only soak up the unique beauty that fall brings us and appreciate each minute.

I'm a spring and summer person. But as we arrive at this time of year, I am awed by the glorious foliage above me.  The changing leaves feels to me like nature's way of going out on a high note before it's swept away on the bitter winds of winter.

Today's clipart collections then are a preview of  that autumn splendour:



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