5 Autumn Themed Photoshop Tutorials

Trends have existed forever in everything from fashion to words we have coined. 

As a tween I sported my go-go boots, John Lennon cap and miniskirts like badges of honour while spouting out fab and mod at every opportunity.   In my teens, a centre part found its way into my long, straight hair, while my bell-bottoms were topped by a tie-dyed shirt.

I looked so groovy,  baby.

Those were the trends of my youth. Today, what was a noun has become a verb. Trending brings current views and topics to the forefront of social media. 

Though not required, alliteration also seems to be key as we have celebrated such illogical highlights as  #ManCrushMonday, #TransformationTuesday, #WoofWednesday,  #ThrowbackThursday and #FloralFriday.

One for which I have found some particular value is #TutorialTuesday.  As that would be now and as autumn has made its quiet entrance I have combined the two for some interesting projects in Photoshop:

Photoshop Autumn Colour Effects Tutorial

Colours of Autumn Photoshop Blending Tutorial

Turn Summer to Autumn in Photoshop

Create an Autumn Collage in Photoshop

Create an Autumn Themed 3D Text Effect


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