7 Thanksgiving-Themed Tutorials

As autumn leaves burst toward their final hurrah, perhaps creating Mother Nature's greatest artistic accomplishment, it's time here in Canada to count our blessings. 

Contrary to the notion held by many of our neighbours to the south, the Great White North isn't a land buried under snow, but a majestic country boasting four distinct seasons. Winter can be nasty for sure, but the burgeoning life of spring, the heat of summer make it tolerable. 

And, as we come to autumn, with its colourful palette and the rich bounty it brings to our tables,  there is a strong sense of gratitude for the many blessings we have.  Among them we can count our natural resources, our abundant agricultural land, our reputation internationally as a tolerant, accepting nation, our free health care, and, one couldn't forget back bacon, poutine and all-dressed potato chips.

On Oct. 12 we are able to focus on our gratitude for all of this when we celebrate Thanksgiving. We feel blessed as we look around the table at our loved ones and to the feast before us. We rejoice in the glorious autumn foliage. We take time to consider all of the benefits that have been bestowed upon us paying particular attention to the ones specific to us or that mean the most to us.

So, with today being Tutorial Tuesday, in anticipation of the upcoming season of gratitude, here are some terrific projects to work on in anticipation:

Create a Steaming Roasted Turkey

Create Warm Thanksgiving Text in Photoshop

Design a Thanksgiving Pumpkin in Photoshop

Draw a Cartoon Turkey

Create Thanksgiving Poster

Customized Web Design for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey Tutorial in Illustrator


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