900 Photos of People Enjoying Autumn

Way, way back, when my house was full of children and the younger version of me had a lot more energy, making the most of autumn seemed easier. From raking leaves for my favourite little rugrats to taking extended drives through the country on lazy Sunday afternoons, it was easy to find entertainment outside.

As the time to cocoon would be arriving soon enough,  we encouraged the kids, or they pestered us, to get away from the television and into the great outdoors. The leaves had completed their transformation and were putting on quite a show.

A favourite autumn pastime to fully partake of the spectacle then was a walk through a nearby sugar bush owned by the local conservation authority. The maple tree woodlot became a palette of stunning hues each fall.

Over the years we visited the area to burn off energy, commune with nature and provide a perfect backdrop for family portraits.  My husband and I would enjoy quiet conversation while the kids explored.  It was an opportunity for quality time with our brood, yet it gave us a chance to stay acquainted, which can be a tricky thing for a young couple with four active children.

Reflecting now on these special bygone autumn days, I'm wondering why they stopped just because our kids grew up and moved away.  This weekend, given the promise of unseasonably high temperatures and plenty of sunshine,  even though the leaves haven't yet reached their full fall potential, I'm thinking it might be time to reinstate a once popular activity with my guy.

These photo collections depict people of like mind:




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