Beautiful Autumn Landscape Photos

For a long time it was good.  The change was, if not exactly welcome, most certainly accepted. I was appreciative of what it brought and enjoyed throwing myself into it.

Literally. There was nothing more fun on a nice crisp autumn day than jumping into a pile of raked leaves.

But I was a kid then and able to make the most out of just about any situation, even the end of summer. The transforming foliage fascinated me. The cooling temperatures chased away the thickness of humid summer,  filling me with boundless energy.

By the time my teens arrived, the novelty of leaf raking had worn off and the fun of jumping into a mound of colourful leaves was for babies.  However, in the mind of a young person, winter was  a long way off and there was still plenty to look forward to in this season.

On the heels of autumn's arrival came my birthday and there were numerous events to entertain my peers and me.  Back to school brought Saturday night dances back to the arena and communities all around us were hosting annual fall fairs.

All of this is far behind me now and for the most part autumn is simply the harbinger of winter.  So my focus turns to fall's glorious beauty for interest and inspiration.

Nobel prize-winning author, journalist and philosopher Albert Camus described autumn as "a second spring when every leaf is a flower."  Looking at the incredible palette overhead  the inspiration for the sentiment is clear.  You can see it here in these stunning autumn photos:


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