1,000 Halloween Colouring Pages

It was one of those completely exhausting weekends that I enjoy more than those relaxing, rejuvenating ones. Our daughter's two little ones came to stay and for two days from the dawning hours until twilight Papa and I were on the go.

In a house long past its baby days, finding ways to entertain a pre-schooler and toddler for lengthy hours can be a bit of a challenge.  Certainly, once the grandchildren started to arrive in our lives,  I toured mom sales and yard sales to restock on toys and games.  But given that these two live in a home established as a daycare, the inventory at Grandma's falls a little short.

So in addition to the physical running around after two energetic youngsters, my brain is also kept busy thinking of innovative and favourite ways to entertain them. We have finger painted with pudding,  opened a restaurant in the playhouse, baked a pie and read lots and lots of stories.

Another favourite quiet pastime is colouring. This weekend, though,  there was a moment of panic when I realized that every page in the book had been scribbled on.  Gratefully, a subscription to an online clipart service allowed me the advantage of printing off some terrific colouring pages.

There are endless options appropriate for most ages. With Halloween around the corner that theme seemed to be just the right lead-in to show you some of what's available:




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