3 Sources for Fun Thanksgiving Cartoons

It's Friday. Be honest. While you might still be the dedicated employee you always are, there's a little corner of the mind reflecting on fun and relaxation.

This is even harder to avoid in Canada today as we head into a long weekend. Our thoughts of an entertaining Saturday and Sunday also include Monday as we prepare to celebrate our Thanksgiving.

So, yes, sitting at my desk, focussing on the work before me, my mind does periodically stray to the huge to-do lists at home.

There is a massive one for the grocery and liquor stores. Then the list of reminders. There is the fresh turkey to pick up. There is cleaning and laundry to be done. There is a myriad of tiny details, from decorating the table to making the deck presentable again as the weather is supposed to be perfect, to be completed. And of course, there is a meal to get ready.

But my mind also reflects on the anticipated fun. I look forward to watching the camaraderie among my kids. I can hardly wait for the snuggles with my grandchildren. Given the weather forecast there will be outdoor games and amusements.  It is, quite frankly, looking like the perfect time to be thankful for one's blessings.

So as my mind thinks ahead to the special days before me,  I decided that today's collections of clipart should reflect the fun. These links will take you to  some wonderful Thanksgiving cartoon images:





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