A Charming Country Clipart Collection

When it comes to home decor I'm really not much for the country kitsch style of design. My desire and need for order and openness,  precludes the type of cosy clutter that exemplifies this trend.

It is with some irony then, that I acknowledge how much I like it in someone else's house. My sister-in-law's place, for example, is full of folksy charm and I find every homey corner aesthetically pleasing.

What can I say? I'm a complicated gal.

I know it's strange,  given my desire for a more traditional home interior that I find the country look so appealing. But I really do.  The rustic plaques and adorable objects scattered throughout a room have an undefined allure for me. Perhaps it's the reflection of simpler lifestyles that pulls me in. Maybe it's the innocence of the images. Or possibly it's because they are, quite frankly, darn cute.

The look goes beyond (other people's)  home interior too.  I am often drawn to artwork that has a pastoral quality — the quiet snowy landscape, the softly-lit Victorian,  a sweet log cabin at the edge of the woods.

And, if darling is the requirement when looking for an image for a project, my eye is typically drawn to those with adorable animals, sunflowers and wooden fences.

Much like those in this favourite clipart collection:



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