A Collection of Photos of People in Costume

Among my colleagues are some young women. The rest are very young-at-heart. In addition to typical entertainment the group of them, individually and together, enjoy the little simplicities that some might view as a tad corny.  Among these is dressing up  for Halloween.

That particular ritual I can take or leave. Once I reached my 30s, the idea of paying for or putting together some kind of costume really didn't seem like that much fun any more. That said, I also acknowledge that it didn't hurt to do it if someone asked me to participate.

With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year though,  I had hoped I was off the hook. Not the case, however, as the eager beavers at the desks around me made the decision  we would just shift the celebration a day ahead for the office.

Unlike my co-workers, my vivid imagination doesn't translate well in trying to come up with the ideal outfit.  With a house now devoid of all the sundry junk there when the kids lived with us,  the makings of a costume, especially when my mind just can't seem to reach the necessary creative heights,  are slim.  So I called on friends, scrounged my house for the appropriate accessories and caked on the makeup to achieve my transformation.

It will do.

The costumes around me are fun and we are certainly an extraordinary assortment of characters in this office on this day.  Just like all of the dressed-up adults in this collection of photos, perfect for the day before Halloween:



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