Create Ghostly Photos in Photoshop

Do you believe in ghosts?

It's a question I've been asked several times. And to be perfectly honest I really don't know what to answer.

I know there was an experience several years ago that had me thinking with a certainty that spirits are with us. Though I still waffle, time and the wisdom of age, however, have me second guessing what I was so sure I'd seen then.

But then there are the friends and family members,  intelligent, logical people,  with stories of their own. For example, my brother-in-law, a retired police inspector and one of the most literal guys I know,  tells a tale of murder and a chilling experience. Literally. At the home of a victim, while standing in the hallway where the body had been found, he felt a drastic, sudden drop in temperature, and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. 

A little spooked so to speak, he returned to the detachment where he started to tell another officer about the experience.  Before he got too far, though, his colleague described in detail what my brother-in-law had felt, adding that it had happened to him earlier in the day in the same spot. Two jaded cops believing they shared an experience with, if not the supernatural, then something unexplained.

Halloween is the perfect time for these stories and for eerie pictures of apparitions. Let's face it, though. Ghosts don't appear just because we want them to. If it's a spooky picture you're looking for you just can't count on a spectre showing up, even if you are visiting a house that's apparently haunted.

Even those who say they succeeded in capturing a phantom on film are suspect as double exposure photography can create the illusion.  And today with image editing software you can really create mystery.  Here are some tutorials explaining how:

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