Friday, October 16, 2015

How to Create Fantasy Art

Halloween is just two weeks away. It's the time for imagination to soar, for myth and fantasy to take hold,  for young and young-at-heart to transform themselves into ghosts, ghouls and goblins.  If you've always felt like a superhero, this is the time to dress the part.

Oddly,  while Halloween has never been a favourite holiday of mine, I'm a huge fan of fantasy and make believe. Since childhood,  my vivid imagination has taken the common place in some strange directions.  I have been able to take 'what ifs' in life and paint them into pictures with a fantastical brush, an art I honed as a youngster. 

Also, while my childhood peers were content to play out their fanciful adventures, I loved to put them to paper.  I penned tales of love, romance and dastardly deeds. Now, when my husband is a few minutes late coming home, my mind envisions a reason worthy of a Dean Koontz novel.

Reading the aforementioned author, a favourite of mine,  I'm able to accept the stories he weaves no matter how fanciful they might be. My fascination with possibilities overrides improbabilities.

Watching movies, I have no problem checking common sense at the door as I enter a world far from any known reality.

Why not, then, take that fantasy into the already imaginative world of art and illustration? I have scoped out some terrific tutorials to do just that:

Create Fantasy Art

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50 Imaginative Fantasy Art Photoshop Tutorials

Dreamy Fantasy Art Photoshop Tutorials

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