How to Get Better Thanksgiving Photos

When it comes to family gatherings, I'm the lady with the camera in your face.

I learned a long time ago the value of taking copious photos of loved people and favourite places. When a dear young friend passed away as the result of a tragic car crash her passion for photography helped create a poignantly fitting tribute. The slide show at the celebration of her life was comprised of her beautiful pictures of sunsets, loved ones and selfies.

To see that cherished face and those of the people she cherished was a comfort. When it was over, I vowed that I was going to do better at recording the important moments in life. And I believe I have stayed faithful to that. 

With the exception of a camera shy son-in-law, everyone near and dear to me has accepted that they will have their picture taken when they're with me. Often.

What this means  I've noticed though,  is that getting a fresh perspective can be challenging. Otherwise it becomes the same people in different positions. 

As our Canadian Thanksgiving nears, I find myself not just thinking about the menu, but on how I can improve upon what I've been doing these past several years photographically. Here are some tips  I hope will help me take pictures that others will enjoy now and in the future :

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