How to Improve and Enhance Photos in Photoshop

Well the final long weekend of the year has passed in Canada.  From Saturday until Monday as we enjoyed glorious autumn weather, families counted their blessings and expressed gratitude for them all as we celebrated Thanksgiving.

At our home, the gathering was on Sunday, giving me the next day to recover from  all of the busyness. With the exception of doing a few loads of laundry, I spent most of the day recharging my batteries, snuggled  in a chair on the deck to read a book, then later on a couch to watch the Toronto Blue Jays defeat the Texas Rangers. 

In between, however, I also took some time to go through the photos I took on Sunday. Covering everything from mealtime to the fun and games afterwards I did my best to record the time for present loved ones and posterity.   There was the family at the dinner table, the candid shots of besotted adults cuddling  babies,  father and son playing catch,  and the card game finale.

For the most part the results were fine, not works of art perhaps, but adequate.  With some lighting issues, a few, however, failed to make the grade.

Fortunately,  image editing programs can improve many mistakes.  Here are a few tutorials on enhancing and retouching photos in Photoshop:

How to Enhance and Retouch

Enhance Colours With Photoshop's Photo Filter

Improve a Photo in 2 Steps with Screen Mode

Easily Enhance an Image

Fixing Exposure With Shadow/Highlight

Darken Overexposed Photos With Multiply Blend Mode

Add Contrast

Enhance Contrast


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