5 Collections of Angel Illustrations

Every holiday season I purchase a Christmas tree ornament for my children. From the first one at the year of their birth until now, they have received a new one to add to their collections, each with its own theme.

The tradition began with Santa decorations for our eldest, a boy. When a sweet baby girl entered our lives two years later,  just a week before Christmas, angels seemed the perfect choice for her.

Whether you are a person of faith or not, there is no denying the mystique and appeal of these spiritual beings. They are our guardians and guides when  we encounter obstacles and challenges. When we hurt or grieve, even the idea of their presence can comfort and bring solace. 

By its definition of exceptional beauty, innocence or kindness, there's nothing that fits in our earthly world better than a newborn child. So, as I searched for the 'theme' to start my new baby girl's annual tradition, it was the angelic that caught my eye.

For today then, with the Christmas season nearing,  I have focussed my clipart search too on angels:




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