6,000 Plus Santa Illustrations

When my children were born I made a purchase for  their first Christmas that became a tradition. In addition to the typical gifts of toys, books and clothes, that very first holiday season was commemorated with a tree ornament.

Things got started with an adorable Mr. Claus bauble for our eldest and continued when I found him a second sweet Santa decoration for the next year.

By his third Christmas he was getting a nice little collection and with the arrival of a new baby sister and the purchase of an angel ornament for her I decided that a ritual had begun.

Different themes were eventually chosen for the next two babies, as well as for the grandchildren who have followed.  Meaning that each year during the holiday shopping bustle, I'm hustling from store to store in search of Santa, angel, dancing, music, snowman, tree, elf and kitten ornaments to complete the list.

This year,  we were able to find time for a visit to a grand Christmas store several hours and across a border from home. A long drive, but it ensured I was able to find everything I needed all in one place. 

Now that that's done, since  the theme of this blog is about images I thought it might fun to see what illustrations I can find for each of the themes. Starting today with Santa.



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