7 InDesign Tutorials for Creating Ads

No matter what the season, somebody's always trying to sell something. Whether it's bathing suits in summer or hockey skates in winter, back to school fashions in August or rain boots in April,  there are plenty of businesses wanting your business.

However, there's probably never more commercial enterprises letting you in on what they have to offer and at what kind of deal they're willing to offer it, than now.  Every store in every town, every shop on every corner has a reason to entice you through their doors for your Christmas shopping.

Competition is high, therefore. Creating the right promotion can make a big difference on whether or not people choose to spend their money with you.   Whether it's an excellent marketing strategy or catchy theme, whether it's a better discount or a promise of something extra, shoppers are drawn to anything that gives them that little extra.

The advertisements you use also need to attract attention. Designing one that catches the eye and interest of potential customers is imperative to success.  In my years at a community newspaper I was often surprised by how reluctant business owners could be in parting with dollars for advertising. To me it's the wisest investment in your enterprise you can make. Advertising is your introduction to the masses. It says who you are, what you can offer and what you do. Thinking that people will find you, or remember you, without it is short sighted.

If you're in the business of designing ads you've probably learned the benefits of InDesign for creating your projects. If you're an entrepreneur who likes to have control of the process from start to finish here are some great InDesign tutorials for creating ads:

Design a Print-Ready Ad in InDesign

Creating an Ad In InDesign CS5 Part 1

Creating an Ad in InDesign CS5 Part 2

Creating an Ad in InDesign CS5 Part 3

 Creating an Ad in InDesign CS5 Part 4

Speed Art: Full Page Ad in InDesign CS6

Create a Magazine Ad With InDesign


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