Perfect Illustrations for Retail Promotions

When I think about the type of clipart people might be searching for these days, what comes to mind are illustrations for discount and sale promotions.  Everyone's looking for a bargain. With Black Friday less than two weeks away and Christmas just around the corner,  the time to let them know about any is now.

I spent this past weekend getting a jump start on my shopping. Most of the stores were already offering various specials and discounts, in order to provide as many temptations as possible.

Obviously, it's pleasant to see something you like discounted. It won't, however, entice me to buy it if I wasn't looking for it. No, I tend to be a sucker for the 'buy one, get something'  kind of deal.  I can't tell you how many, soft cuddly throws I've bought because a particular retailer each year offers them at a highly-discounted price if you spend $50.

I might only be searching for one pair of earrings, but gosh if they're going to offer another free if I buy two, well, how can I possibly resist?  Purchase one sweater, get another for half price.  Yet another no-brainer.

Until I leave the store and the spell breaks. No longer bewitched by the power of retail and a fondness for fashion,  my mind clears and I am left with the fact that since I didn't need another throw, another pair of earrings, another sweater, these deals had actually cost me money.

It's smart marketing, this strategy to convince people to buy more than they want and think they are getting a bargain in doing so.  Otherwise, I have to admit instead to a vulnerability, an addiction, or plain stupidity on my part.

There's comfort in knowing many are like me.  The words bargain, deal, offer, sale, discount will reel us in every time. Here they are in illustrations perfect for promotional artwork:


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