Tips for Photographing Tots, Toddlers and Teens

Yesterday, Facebook reminded me about a post on my timeline from two years ago. It was a four-generation picture taken with my mother, daughter and granddaughter at our annual family pre-Christmas gathering.

Even though it was from the recent past, it was enough to set me on a little nostalgic wandering through the photo album created of that event.  It proved to be a great reminder of why I photographically chronicle events and get-togethers.  Obsessively some might say.  But seeing the images of my father, whom we lost just half a year later, was all the proof I needed.

However,  it was also fun to see the changes in everyone, especially the children, who grow up far too quickly.  Of these subjects there were many pictures as they are without question the most photogenic.

Getting them to co-operate isn't always that easy, though.  Also, being ready for the many opportunities they present for candid shots can be challenging when you're trying to visit with the adults in the group.

So, since I've been doing this for a long time and thought maybe a little advice might help me get the best from my camera as well as freshen my perspective,  here are some helpful tips for photographing little ones:

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