Tips for Taking Better Vacation Photos

One shouldn't wish one's life away, but I really can't hardly wait for this weekend.

A month or so ago, our daughter asked me if her father and I would be interested in going away for a couple of days before Christmas with her and the babies.  Her husband works a lot of weekends, and she operates a home day care during the week, so she thought it might be nice to go do something fun.

And, of course, what could be more fun than going away with Grandma and Papa?

The choice of where was a no-brainer. A short-drive from home is Frankenmuth, Michigan.  This pretty Bavarian town has long been a family favourite, starting when my husband and I were dating and with friends attended the annual beer festival in June, then later with our own kids where the focus switched to the Christmas wonderland that is Bronner's.

We all agree it has been the perfect mini-vacation destination.

As expected there have been many photos taken over the years of these frequent sojourns. I captured dozens of moments from our group of 20-somethings party visits. There are equally as many in our albums of our little ones posing with Santa, enjoying the hotel's amenities or posing next to unique landmarks. 

This will be the first visit for these particular grandchildren, though. Snce the bar has been raised on my photography standards of late, I'm hoping to capture some great pictorial memories of this milestone. 

Though I generally have a pretty good eye for a nice shot, it never hurts to see what suggestions the experts might have. Here are some tips I found for capturing great vacation photos:

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