3 Cute Christmas Cat Clipart Collections

One of my favourite Christmas gift shopping searches is part of a family tradition. With the arrival of each of my children and grandchildren I have selected a theme and purchased a tree ornament to match. The collection grows with the passing of time.

It can be fun to pick for a new arrival to the family, given that personality and preferences for an infant are unknown.  Inspiration, therefore, often comes from what I do know.

Despite growing up in a canine-obsessed family, our younger daughter has always been a little apprehensive around dogs. The adoption of a kitten from a shelter after moving away from home effectively completed the transition to cat person for her.

When I was looking to begin her little girl's ornament collection I spied  an adorable one that just happened to be of a kitty decked out for Christmas. The decision to purchase it was based primarily on the fact that like her, it was pretty darn cute. Another factor though, was the fact that her mother really likes cats.

Interestingly, it has been rather a nice fit for our darling Bean. A sweetie with big dimples and hazel eyes, she is as cuddly, playful and cute as a kitten, with, however,  the same fierce independence and attitude.

Like a cat, when she snuggles it's with all the love she's got.  Yet, while these sweet squeezes are typically given generously, you can bank on the fact that they only happen because she wants them to.

So, for our dear Bean, and in the spirit of the season, here are some super cute Christmas cat clipart:



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