5 Great Collections of Awesome Christmas Tree Clipart

Having been a little under the weather and out of the office for a few days, it was nice to be welcomed back by the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree, which colleagues had erected and decorated in my absence.  What had started as a dreary Monday morning, suddenly seemed a little brighter.

A favourite Pat Boone carol speaks to the warmth of this holiday tradition:

"Isn't it strange, how a little green tree,
Can light up a cold, lonely room?
The glow of its light, can warm up the night
And melt away sadness and gloom .

The beauty of this holiday tradition was the theme I selected for our granddaughter's Christmas ornament collection from her Papa and me. It seemed the perfect choice for her.

From the time she could focus she seemed to have an interesting fascination with trees of all kinds. Her mother once sent me a picture of our precious Little Missy sitting in her stroller staring at the huge ficus in the corner of their dining room — a distraction that had apparently snapped her out of a fussy mood and held her attention for an incredible half hour.

On our many trips with her to Northern Ontario it has been intriguing to note her enchantment with all things green, from the leaves on a short shrub to the spiky needles of a majestic pine.

So, for the sweetest of all nature lovers, and with the warmth of all the little green trees brightening the holiday season,  here are some clipart collections celebrating a festive favourite:



Acclaim Images

ClickArt Online



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